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ahq職業電競俱樂部聲明書 – 退出2019GCS聯賽

ahq職業電競俱樂部 (以下稱:ahq) 針對賽事官方就2019年GCS傳說對決春季職業聯賽起的兩項新政策及規劃,未能取得ahq的認同,在溝通無共識下, ahq退出2019年GCS傳說對決職業聯賽:

  1. 自2019年GCS傳說對決春季職業聯賽起,在沒有任何緩衝時間下,限制非台港澳選手名額最多登錄兩位外援。
  2. 自2019年GCS傳說對決春季職業聯賽起,新增第9隊職業戰隊。


We officially announce that the two new policies and plans set by the event organizer for the 2019 GCS Spring failed to be recognized by ahq. After communication, it is still unable to reach a consensus, so ahq has withdrawn from the 2019 GCS professional league.

  1. In the absence of any buffer time, starting from the spring of 2019, GCS event organizer limits the number of non-Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao players, up to two foreign aid.
  2. Since the spring of 2019, GCS event organizer has added a 9th professional team.

ahq e-Sports Club
17th January 2019